FRACCIONS is a duet between a matter and a body. FRACCIONS is a path with glass.

FRACCIONS explores memory and sensory traces, the sensations of the material of glass in a horizontal relationship with the human body. FRACCIONS are performative fragments adapted to context and space.

Each performative fragment generates an “echo” of action and has an installation object that can remain in the space as a trace of the performance.

The composition is based on the analysis of touch, form and physical sensations.  Movement sequences and object manipulation are intertwined with the craft of glassmaking. 

COLLABORATORS OF THE PROJECT: Maider Lasa Santamaría (music), Ula Goldasz (glass work), Ferran Collado (glass tutor), Carlos Parra (soundscapes) FOTOS: Caterina Angeloni, Vivian Friedrich WITH THE SUPPORT OF: Beques Crea Barcelona, Mercat de les Flors, Wroclawski Instytut Kultury, NAU Churuduu, Convent de les Arts, LaBau, Cultura Mataró