Vivian Friedrich — Circus creative, researcher and dramaturg



I write texts and movement. I believe in a thinking body. In a way of writing, also without the linguistic center of the brain. Sometimes I use text in scenic compositions.

Sometimes I begin with an idea or a mental concept, and sometimes with a movement or a feeling, an intuition, which consciously I  still don’t know where it comes from.

Currently I’m working on the long term project I Love My Car and as a director and dramaturg on the creation Breach with Som Noise Cía which is supported and accompanied by the CircusNext+ Programm. I work interdisciplinary with circus as a language and with a great focus on live music. Within the collective Fam.Lizajous I co-created the piece LaRed and collaborated with Norfeu Music.


Pronto, aparece aquí la traducción en castellano.

[ENG] Circus as a space of experimentation and freedom that creates new ways to relate to each other, new links in the community. An experience in which we can free ourselves of opressive ideas based on class, race and gender.

[ES] El circo como espacio de experimentación y libertad que crea nuevas formas de relacionarnos, nuevos vínculos en la comunidad. Una experiencia en la que podemos liberarnos de las viejas ideas opresivas (clasistas, raciales y de género).