I give creation and dramaturgy workshops, research sessions for companies and laboratories. Each proposal can be adapted to context and space. I understand circus as a movement language which explores limits during collaborating with another living or non-living body.


We start from the idea that reality is a subjective perception. The physical is real and evokes an effect on us as performers and spectators. In this workshop we do not seek theatricality, but physicality from which we reflect on different forms of composition and writing. We treat the circus piece as a composition of superimpositions, seeking coherence in its elements, its contrasts and rhythms. We explore simulation as a possible reality in order to play with its codes.
During the workshop, a dynamic of back and forth and feedback is created between table work and physical work, between analysis and practice.

Images: Gaby Merz


This research laboratory, conceived and conducted with Elena Zanzu and Roberto Fratini, has been realized during two weeks as an Artist Workshop of La Central del Circ in collaboration with the CCCB. The concept emerges from an idea by Johnny Torres.

For Rent is a workshop of incognito creation and dramaturgical conspiracy directed to 12 participants. Half of the members of this conspiracy unit will come from the field of dramaturgy, the other half from the field of circus performance. The conspirators will carry out the workshop activities – and the final restitution – under a false name, with fictitious biographies and invented competencies. Therefore, it is entirely secondary that writers and performers, respectively, are in “real life” what they claim to be in the framework of the workshop. For Rent deals among other things with the lie as a terminal resource of a large sector of the arts that is genuinely helpless.

For Rent seeks an exchange between dramaturgies and circus creative processes. The facilitators propose a path of codes to follow, to deviate, and to startle. There are moments of development and collective work, as well as moments of individual and pair work, dramaturg – circus artist.

AERIAL CREATION WORKSHOP – transformation of the technique into a language.

This workshop is divided into two phases: In the first phase we will do movement dynamics exercises, we will try to relax the body in moments of suspension and give more air to the technical routines. We will work on technical sequences, breaking “the order” of the movement and looking for elements to complement a figure, to enrich a trick and transform it. In the second phase we will work on the intention of the movement and the corporal expression, through:

-Starting from concrete situations and concepts that lead us to bodily and emotional sensations.

-Exploring the abstraction of a technical routine, putting it at the service of a dramaturgy and inventing “unnecessary” movements to give more expression to a choreography. 

-To explore the flow of movement and create a personalized language of one’s own.

For this workshop it is necessary to have knowledge of some aerial discipline

LABORATORIES related to a creation project

The laboratories or workshops of the creation of the company invite the participant to know the artistic universe and the way to create. Proposals can be offered for professionals of the performing arts or also for an amateur audience.